Initial Visit

Many people are nervous about the initial visit, but often feel relieved after the session. Please know that it is my goal to make your time with me as comfortable and emotionally safe as possible to make it easier for you to disclose important information.

The purpose of the initial visit is for me to gain a solid understanding of your concerns and needs so that we can determine your next steps. Because of the very intimate nature of psychotherapy, it is important to use this visit to raise any concerns you have, and ask questions so you can determine whether you would be comfortable with me as your psychologist. I will be evaluating whether your situation is one that fits my unique skill set. If for any reason, it does not seem like we are a good match, I will be happy to assist you in finding someone who might be a better fit.

Please be on time for your initial appointment, as your appointment time is reserved exclusively for you. Do not hesitate to call if you are lost! If you are able to complete your paperwork ahead of time, that leaves more time for me to get to know you.